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War brings more challenges than one could possibly imagine. 

Here's a couple things we are consistently working on.

Lviv Volunteer Auto Service 

With brick and mortar supported by Lviv Local Government, we have opened the first volunteer workshop in Lviv, Ukraine. 

Those working there are wounded veterans with our main focus  to repair and camoflague vehicle destined for the front-line.


Fishing & Football Nets For Ukraine

We are currently looking for fishing & football nets to donate to Ukraine. There is a tensile and size specification, please get in touch if you have a destination to source. 

These can effectively catch incoming FPV and other drones rigged with explosives and save the lives of those utilising them, 


Farmers For Ukraine

Ukraine & Britain share a massive similarity in dedication to the soil.

Our Farmers for Ukraine project is on its third mission after rallying British Farmers from across the country to source farm vehicles, Quadbikes, Tools and Aid to donate to Ukraine.

British Farmers in Ukraine
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