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Long to Short...



1. Fundraise for a vehicle

2. Drive it across Europe

3. Deliver it to those who need it in Ukraine


How we got here:

What started as driving one van of supplies over to Ukraine in March 2022 has now become a dedicated mission of supporting Ukraine in so many aspects.

The very first week saw two men (Fynn and Jono) take a van full of supplies to Ukraine and then shuttle Ukrainian refugees from the Ukrainian-Polish border to places of refuge in Europe.


Following this, we had pairs of volunteers flying over to Poland to pick up one of the three vans stationed on the border and then deliver humanitarian aid to various locations such as hospitals, aid centres, orphanages and refugee centres in Poland and Ukraine.

Now the focus is on delivering vehicles to Ukraine which are used for a myriad of purposes to help the Ukrainian people. We have donated ex-Ambulances, Helicopter-Evacuation Team Vehicles, 4x4 Evacuation vehicles, First Aid Responder Vehicles and many other types of vehicles now stationed on the Eastern and Southern frontlines of Ukraine.

Current projects include; Lviv Volunteer Auto Service, a volunteer workshop to service donated and in use vehicles, Delivering a 6x6 ex-MOD armoured ambulance with MotorsportUK (as you can read in press on 'News'), supporting the main medical unit of Ukraine with refrigerated vehicles to transport fallen soldiers, 4x4 Response vehicles for various legion medics, and many many other requests that surface in a war.

With your help, there's no challenge too large and our help will never stop.

In 'News' you can find some press articles that further detail the stories of the past year.

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