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Motorsport Legend Alastair Caldwell auctions four cars from his private collection with all proceeds to charity

Alastair Caldwell, Motorsport Pioneer and 1976 McLaren Formula 1 World Champion Team Manager, a man synonymous with the world of motorsports, has not only made a significant impact on the racetrack, and in the business world, but also in the hearts of many through his recent philanthropic efforts.

Caldwell's innovative spirit propelled him to the forefront of motorsport, Working alongside racing legends like Nelson Piquet and James Hunt. He left an indelible mark on Formula One history with many of Alastair’s ideas and innovations still being used on tracks across the world to this day.

Since March 2022 Alastair has been donating and supporting DrivingUkraine, Alastair was the first large donor and supported the country at war in Europe via DrivingUkraine before the organization had a name and was just Fynn & friends running around Eastern Europe doing what they could to help. 

Alastair is one of the main reasons why Driving Ukraine is what it is today.

In a remarkable act of generosity, Caldwell has decided to part ways with some of the cherished cars in his personal collection estimated by Bonhams to sell for £60,000-£80,000.

Caldwell's decision to sell his beloved cars is driven by his desire to make a difference, a trait jousted throughout his life. The money raised from the auction will go 50/50 towards Thames Hospice and Driving Ukraine. 

Alastair and Fynn, June 2022. Some work that's been done by DrivingUkraine with Alastair's support since.

Driving Ukraine is an important charity to Alastair. Since the onset of the war in Ukraine, he has vocally supported the project with his time and money, making contributions which have funded the evacuation of Ukrainian refugees to European safety, the Eastern European humanitarian logistics operation we had set up at the start of the war, and then the purchase and delivery of multiple pickups, vans, ambulances and humanitarian aid, that has been sent to war on the Eastern Front.


The cars:

If you know anyone who is in the market for any of these, now is your time to shine. Get behind the wheel of a beautiful vehicle previously owned by a man with one of the greatest love affairs with speed, and of course, contribute to life-saving work in the process.

In addition to his support for Driving Ukraine, Alastair Caldwell's generosity extends to Thames Hospice. This organisation is dedicated to providing exceptional palliative and end-of-life care services. With a mission centered around enhancing the quality of life for those facing life-limiting illnesses, Thames Valley Hospice ensures that patients and their families receive dignified and compassionate care throughout their journey.

Everyone at DrivingUkraine, from the UK & Ukraine, is sending massive thanks to Alastair ahead of the auction this weekend.

This is a man who supported from the beginning, supported in uncertain times, and continues to provide unwavering support 2 years on.


Thank you Alastair.

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