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The End-Users of our donated vehicles and Aid include

 - Foreign Volunteer Medics and Paramedics working on Ukraine's Frontline

- Ukrainian Volunteer Medics and Paramedics 

- Humanitarian Bomb Disposal Teams

Combat Medics

- Ukrainian Hospitals

- AFU and their medics

- The main medical services of AFU

Here are some images of vehicles we've delivered and teams at work.

Helicopter Team with 'Disco Dave' before service.
Ambulance Delivery April 2022, This ambulance went to Bakhmut the next day.
Rescue Rover 2 in Eastern Ukraine
A picture from October 2022 of our friends who have since passed.
Legenda Ukraine using Rescue Rover 1 for Bomb Disposal Operations
Rescue Rover, now working with Volunteer Bomb Disposal Teams in Kharkiv.
One of the medics 2 of our vehicles have been placed with, captured by The Guardian.
Kramatorsk vehicle handover.
One of our ambulance serving as a clinic with the group Frontlinemedics
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