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Why does Driving Ukraine exist?

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What started as driving one van of supplies over to Ukraine is now a dedicated mission of supporting Ukraine.  Over the last two years, we have heard direct from the people we are helping. Every vehicle we deliver saves a life. This is because getting people to vital care quickly makes the difference between life and death.

Did you know: - 

- Bleeding, if severe and not stopped quickly can lead to death in 5 minutes;

- Getting someone injured to an ambulance is critical to a person's quality and time of recovery;

- Where someone has suffered serious injury, the risk of infection is exaccerbated the longer they are not with medical care.

Quite simply, if we don't help, then who will?

What we do


What started as driving one van of supplies over to Ukraine in March 2022 has now become a dedicated mission of supporting Ukraine, through fundraising, donating medical evacuation vehicles and humanitarian aid to the front line

Who are we

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Shortly after the Ukraine war broke out, Fynn and family spent an evening using no electricity or gas, in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. During this dinner, Fynn's Dad asked a really simple question – ‘Do any of you want to do anything more tangible to help the people of Ukraine?’.

This was the start of a huge change in direction for Fynn. 

He packed a van full of emergency supplies with a friend (Jono) and after dropping off in Ukraine, started to shuttle Ukrainian refugees to places of safety in Europe. Throughout 2022, the concept for Driving Ukraine was fuelled.


On face value, Maksym is a regular 22 year old with ambitions to work in the Technology Industry. However, Maksym is a Ukrainian, living in Lviv. 

The war in Ukraine is a culmination of over 100 years of multi generational struggles against Russian aggression that Maksym and his family have experienced. 

Too young to enlist when the war broke out, Maksym searched for ways to support his friends, community and country. Maksym has set up and runs the Volunteer Autorepair center that we work with in Lviv.

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