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Project: 1000 Lives by Driving Ukraine
IFAKs for Ukraine 
Alongside the Brothers in Arms convoy 

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Around 85% of preventable frontline deaths are from bleeding out, and about 10% are from a collapsed lung.

Having a well stocked Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) and knowing how to use it saves lives.

Life-threatening trauma injuries and catastrophic bleeding are a daily occurrence on the frontlines in Ukraine. 

The injured have seconds or minutes to take action. 

What stands between Life & Limb?

The " IFAK " : Individual First Aid Kit. 

Every man and woman risking their lives in Ukraine should have one, but often they don't. 

Donate to 1000 Lives to help us change that 

Driving Ukraine alongside the Brothers in Arms convoy, 3 Brothers delivering Ambulances to Ukraine in June 2024, the brothers are raising £120,000 to buy 1000 IFAKs to save 1000 Lives, if and when a life-threatening injury occurs. 

For Large donations, corporate or personal OR 

If you have the passion to start a fundraising effort of your own for us

(Think school, work, social clubs, sports clubs, etc.!)

Please first contact :

Angus Watt
David Watt
Chris Watt

A massive Thank you to every single donor that makes this all possible !

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The Brothers behind 
Brothers in Arms
1000 Lives

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